This week’s happy discoveries:

  • Governor’s Island.
  • The view from Governor’s Island.
  • the Union Square Lululemon.  95 degrees with 80% humidity was a little hard for this yogini to take.  Praise shorts!  Praise shorts ON SALE!
  • the air conditioning on the 1-2-3 line.  I will gladly leave my hot and sticky apartment twenty minutes early in order to soak up free a/c on the local train instead of taking my usual express.
  • Liz Mandarano‘s Arm Balance Workshop.  Liz can very succinctly describe an entry and exit from every arm balance known to man.  AND she knows all the little tricks to get you there.  AND she’s funny.
  • Realizing that I can do Hummingbird Pose in said Arm Balance Workshop.
  • Barely being able to move the day after the Arm Balance Workshop.  Probably because of Hummingbird Pose.
  • Blogging in this bullet-pointy format.  It’s how I journaled for years, after hearing that Merce Cunningham wrote lists every day.
  • The new Fiona Apple album.  Still trying to figure out a way to put “Hot Knife” on my teaching playlist without it being too weird.
  • This box of bendy straws I found while moving:
  • Being an audience member for Dana Salisbury’s Unseen Dances.  There are so very many things that come up in your brain when you are blindfolded.  Observing these thoughts and fears led me to…
  •  making my students practice with their eyes closed.  Hooray for discoveries all around!

Welcome to summer, pals!


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